26. 3. 2017 Bad Deutsch Altenburg

7.th round of the Region West Ranking in Sprint Orienteering
Local championship in Sprint Relays Orienteering

We cordially invite you on the orienteering races into the small spa town Bad Deutsch-Altenburg in Lower Austria. In cooperation with the local orienteering club OL Carnuntum we prepared challenging courses for city sprint and sprint relays, You are also invited to visit beautiful countryside and tourist attractions. There are also some historical sightseeing from the Roman Emperium era.


View the pictures from our photographers:

Photo Martin Jonáš Photo Filip Kubina

Photo Werner Herbst Photo Rišo Balogh


Cup of the mayor of the Bad Deutsch-Altenburg: overall winners of the main category bear are
David Schneider (HSV OL Wiener Neustad) a Anna Simkovics (OLC Wienerwald).

Draw you routes into the Routegadget program. From all those who draw route (or upload their GPS) within 48 hours upon publish we will choose the three, who can attend our next competition in June free of charge.

Letny cas!


Don't forget to adjust yourself on Daylight Saving Time!


Snowdrops and Aces

Orienteering race Snowdrops and Aces are named according the eponymous Czech film. It is organized by the sport club Sandberg Bratislava. It took place for the first time in Bratislava Kramáre in 2013. Annual competition is organized always around the International Women's Day.


  • March 19


    Registration deadline at the orienteeringonline.net.

  • March 26

    10:00 Sprint

    Daily individual competition in orienteering sprint. Fixed control order and interval start.

  • March 26

    14:00 Sprint Relays

    West area championship in orienteering Sprint Relays M-W-M. Fixed control order and mass start.

Bad Deutsch Altenburg


Lower Austrian spa town of Bad Deutsch-Altenburg is situated on the right bank of the Danube river about 20 km southwest of Bratislava. Patients with rheumatic diseases are treated here by the ancient Roman era.


As the race will take place in the downtown and its surroundings, access to the race across it is forbidden. Competition center can be best reached from the north, by the road Am Stein.


Bad Deutsch Altenburg Scale 1 : 5 000, equidistance 2 m, according the ISSOM 2007, state March 2017, format A4+. printed on Pretex. Mappers: Lukáš Barták and Rado Jonáš.


Carnuntinum museum was established by the architect Friedrich Ohmann in the style of a Roman rural villa. Museum in 1904 was inaugurated by Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph. With more than 2 million of the findings in the repository it is among the largest Austrian museums. Visitors focuses on the unique archaeological finds from the times of ancient settlements such as jewelery, tools, weapons or cult objects.


On a steep hill above the town is the Marienkirche - catholic basilica. It is a beautiful example of Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles. It comes from the 11th century, in the second half of the 14th century was rebuilt into a representative three-aisle Romanesque basilica. The church is one of the major representatives of the Austrian medieval architecture.


The last visible part of the former military town is a natural amphitheater.
It displays preserved walls from a newer reconstruction around the end of the 2nd century. The arena was entered by two gates in the east side and from two others in the west. During the Roman era it fits up to 8,000 spectators.
Now it also serves for the occasional cultural events.

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